Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents: You Might Get Confused Who’s the Parent and Who’s the Kid

Rumer Willis & Bruce Willis

Here she is again, Rumer Willis, hard not to be mentioned when your parents are two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Rumer has inherited her features from both Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, though we are unsure whether she’s more like her Mom or Dad. The star daughter decided to pursue acting after being done with colleges and further education, and though she’s had small parts in movies since the ’90s, her claim to fame came from the movie House Bunny. These days, Rumer Willis is busy with her show Empire; we hope she makes it big and obviously make a great name for herself. Let’s see more of the most beautiful celebrity children and their parents.

Sistine & Sylvester Stallone

Despite being part of violent action films, Rocky and Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone has taken care of his three daughters, Sistine, Scarlet and Sophia in a violent-free upbringing. Together with Jennifer Flavin, Sylvester raised beautiful daughters with no rumors or controversies thrown at her. The sisters are now in their pursue after modeling career and we have a feeling that with Stallone as their last name and their beauty, we will see them very soon on the runways and fashion magazines.

Maya Hawke & Uma Thurman

If the name wasn’t a giveaway enough, Maya Thurman-Hawke is the child of the talented pair, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. It seems she was destined for fame since Maya began taking the ramp by storm at an early age itself. She made her screen debut with the BBC mini-series Little Women and is soon expected to be seen on the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. While we’re glad the young woman chose to continue her college education despite battling dyslexia, it would be great if she hadn’t been forced to drop out due to acting commitments. Either way, with such talented parents, we’re sure Maya will carve her own path in the industry without having to depend on her parents investments.

Jane Carrey & Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s personal life might have been a mess, but the comic-star has been a great father to his only child. Jane Carrey was born in 1987 after Jim’s whirlwind romance with Melissa Womer, a waitress and actress. Throughout her childhood, Jane, who has her father’s smile, saw quite a bit of ups and downs. She could have lived a luxurious life thanks to her father’s fat bank account, but Jane wanted to make a name for herself. The young mother has been waitressing for a living and wants to pursue a career in music. She did audition for American Idol, but got eliminated soon after. Nevertheless, we hope she continues to fight for her dreams, seeing as her father has chosen retirement already.

Milo Gibson & Mel Gibson

Even with his controversial life, super-talented actor Mel Gibson gained fame with his performances in movies such a Brave HeartMad Max, and of course, the Lethal Weapon series. Mel, whose stunts and action-sequences probably made it easy to buy life insurance coverage, is the father of Milo, his child from his ex-wife Robyn Moore. Milo is lucky to have inherited his father’s good looks, and having chosen acting as his career, we’re hoping his hard work pays off and he can match his father’s talent, just as much as his features. Our only request is that hmare keeps away from making controversial statements which might eventually affect his career.

Ava Sambora & Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear, who was an absolute stunner back when she was only 20 years old, still looks incredibly attractive with her striking eyes and her changing hairstyle. Ava Sambora, her 20-year-old daughter, has luckily inherited her striking beauty. Ava is a wannabe model who is still pursuing her higher studies at Loyola Marymount University. Her mother might have invested in her health insurance and education, but Ava, who has already appeared in This Is 40 (2012), and two other TV shows, will surely take it from here.

Hailie Jade & Marshall Bruce Mathers

Rap superstar Eminem had demons of his own in his past – alcoholism and drug overuse led him to seek help from alcohol and drug rehab centers. Despite his dark history, he was able to support and take care of his daughter, Hailie. The stunning twenty-two-year-old seems to be a jack-of-all-trades – not only does she have an eye for fashion but she also has a great inclination for sports and academia. Eminem invested much of his time for his daughter and her well-being, making her his anchor when times became turbulent.


Having a normal childhood for Suri is quite difficult given the fact she’s Tom and Katie’s daughter. Though the couple had divorced, both ensured that the little fairy was not spotted in the public eye for a considerable time and exposed to the world of paparazzi, glam and glitz. She has now grown up into a beautiful woman like her mother and Instagram pictures can be viewed almost everywhere. Katie had once said that Suri’s eyes look like that of Tom’s while daddy Tom remarked her eyes and lips go after her mother. And he was actually correct.

Lily-Rose Depp & Johnny Depp

Lily-Rose was born in 1999 to Johnny Depp and the french singer Vanessa Paradis, the beautiful couple’s genes certainly were passed to their eldest daughter. Her parents who were never married, split in 2012 after 14 years. Lily-Rose is paving her acting career, but also her modeling career is rising, as she was picked to be the face of Chanel’s fragrances. Lily-Rose is working hard these days on different films and attending famous film festivals such as Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. With successful parents like hers and her unique beauty, we have a feeling we will be seeing her a lot on the big screen in the next years.

Sophie Von Haselberg & Bette Midler

Bette Midler has been one of the finest performers of her time, and even at 72, the actress remains as elegant and poised as always. Recently, the actress attended the Tony Awards with her daughter; trust us, we were amazed to find the resemblance between Better and her actress daughter Sophie Von Haselberg. It seems though this resemblance remained unnoticed for a long time, possibly because Sophie was pursuing East Asian Studies at Yale and after working in China for a while, Von Haselberg went back to college to study drama in 2011. Sophie made her debut on stage in 2014 with the play “Billy and Ray”, and is since then has been working her way the Hollywood ladder.

Zelda Williams & Robin Williams

Unique is a trait that beloved actor Robin Williams was known for. Maybe that’s why he named his daughter Zelda after a video game character? Zelda, who made her movie debut at age five, is an established actress herself, no doubt sporting the gene from her genius father. His untimely death in 2014 seemed to have left quite the void in her life, though she’s probably financially secure thanks to Robin’s insurance policies. Zelda is an avid athlete as well and took part in several art and sport-related college programs as well. She has been appearing in a number of TV and movie roles currently.

Lily Collins & Phil Collins

British musician Phil Collins might have had to see a divorce attorney when his marriage went south, but his daughter Lily has finally opened up about forgiving him. The actress had written an open letter in which she details how she missed her father, and in spite of several problems between them, had finally forgiven him. We suppose she realized that being a celebrity can have its negatives as well, something Phil Collins knows too well. Either way, we’re hoping Lily goes a long way with her talent, seeing as how she’s made such a name for herself already. And of course, she’s probably made quite a lot of financial investments too, we sure would!

Charlie Sheen & Martin Sheen

The Sheen’s need no introduction; Martin Sheen has worked closely with Hollywood and the theaters for many decades, having started out as young boy. He didn’t even finish his college education, so keen was he to take up acting. Well that proved to be a good decision, and today his son Charlie is himself extremely famous as well. And though his controversial personal life makes more news than his work, we still adore Charlie Sheen who is not just a duplicate of his father, but also a brilliant actor. Charlie’s charming smile and portrayal of roles has earned him fat pay checks and he surely has no shortage of bank accounts to hold his fortune. We hope that he keeps doing good work in future and avoids getting involved in more controversy again.

Oz Perkins & Anthony Perkins

While his exceptional performances in Friendly Persuasion and Psycho were the ones to bring him fame, Anthony Perkins actually had a career spanning nearly forty years. Even after his death in 1992, the actor’s performances remained etched in our minds. But even though Perkins might have needed a financial planning advisor to manage his many investments, his son Oz seems to still be struggling in the acting scene. Rest assured there’s no dearth of talent and Oz did make several appearances in a number of films (his earliest being the twelve-year-old version of his Dad in Psycho II), and has moved on to writing and directing horror movie scripts. We sure hope for the best for his future projects!

Maxwell Drew Johnson & Jessica Simpson

Singer, actress, and fashion designer Jessica Simpson is a versatile person. She started her career as a teenager, and there was no looking back after that. Maxwell is her first child and was born in 2012. Jessica frequently posts pretty pictures of her daughter on social media. Though only six years old, Maxwell is definitely going to be a style diva when she grows up. Let’s hope whatever she does, she has enough in her banks to keep her going!

Miguel Leon Tyson & Mike Tyson

Once a professional heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson is, perhaps, one of the most recognized names in the world. Despite a great career, Mike had a chequered history. Both his professional and personal life was marred by several controversies. In fact, he was convicted for physically abusing an 18-year-old woman despite his lawyer’s best effort. Though he had a great comeback after he came out of prison, he faced bankruptcy. At present, he has been seen training with his son Miguel Leon Tyson. Miguel is only 15 but already knows how to deliver a strong punch just like his father. We can’t wait for Miguel to grow up and follow in his father’s wake.


He’s tiny but there’s no denying Saint is an absolute spitting image of his daddy, Kanye West. Some time back, Kim had posted a cute picture of their toddler son on Snapchat who was dressed in a very bright yellow and black sweater. What got everyone talking was his blank stare as he was snapped by his mom which was identical to the way how his rapper dad gives it back to intimidate the paparazzi. And why just looks, he has a large empire of investments to inherit from Kanye (and Kim).

 O’Shea Jackson Jr. & Ice Cube

O’ Shea Jackson Sr. became popular as Ice Cube. He is a noted American rapper and singer who is one of the founding artists of gangsta rap. In fact, he was the one responsible for writing controversial lyrics as well as pushing the limits of visual imagery in videos. He has four children with his wife Kimberly Woodruff. Ice Cube’s eldest, O’Shea Jackson Jr. resembles his father the most. His father’s fame paired with his talent allowed him to pursue a career in music and acting. Interestingly, O’Shea Jr.’s film debut was that of him starring in his father’s biopic Straight Outta Compton.

Jason Ritter & John Ritter

Talk about peas-in-a-pod, the uncanny resemblance between John Ritter and his son Jason deserves to be mentioned. John Ritter sure stole our hearts with his numerous roles and performances, especially the sitcoms “8 Simple Rules” and “Three’s Company”. He’s also acted in many movies, and Jason seems to have been fortunate enough to have received much of this talent. One doesn’t need insurance when they inherit such talent do they? Jason Ritter can be noted for his performances in “The Event”, and “Joan of Arcadia”, and we’re hoping he gets to exercise his talent even more in the coming days.


Jessica Osmond may be an adopted daughter of Marie Osmond, 58, the accomplished country singer, but it’s almost a miracle that she bears a striking resemblance to her mother. Marie, who was quite a busy country singer back in the 1970s, and through the next decade as well, has also worked as a host on Donny & Marie along with Donny, her brother. Jessica, who is admittedly a switch-hitter, has gained support from her mother. We are almost certain that Marie will provide her the much-needed financial support as well if she has to file for bankruptcy ever.


Christian Gudegast is a writer and filmmaker and the only son of German-born Eric Braeden and Dale Russell. Christian graduated top of his class from the UCLA Film School in 1992 and won the Best Student Film award the same year for Shadow Box, his thesis film. Not only did Christian share the same good looks with his father, but he also seemed destined to be as popular.

Christian has the same pronounced jawline as his father and a smile so similar. It would be hard to tell the two apart if one did not see their eyes. Apart from sharing his father’s ruggedness, Christian also uses his father’s original German surname. Christian may not have the same net worth as his more popular father, but he sure reminds us of a young Eric Braeden.

Cordell Broadus & Snoop Dogg

Calvin Broadus Jr. will go down in history as Snoop Dogg. The rapper/singer has become an icon not just for his singing style but for his unique fashion sense. Apart from being a singing sensation, he has also performed and appeared in several film and TV series like Starsky and Hutch, Scary Movie 5, and Hood of Horror. Like many of his peers, he has had his fair share of controversies and legal troubles. Thanks to his lawyers and attorneys, he got out of them as well. His son Cordell Broadus is now 20, and is a football star in UCLA. Aside from being busy with sports and his college program, he has already made his father proud by bringing the entire family on the ramp in one of his fashion ventures for Philipp Plein last September.


Born George Harvey Strait Junior, Bubba is the second child of country music legend George Strait and his wife, Norma Strait. George married his high school sweetheart Norma in 1971 and ten years after that, their only son was born. Bubba shares his iconic father’s passion for country music and rodeo. While still in college, Bubba began his competitive rodeo career and became a professional roper after graduation.

George junior takes after his father in more ways than one. The father and son have the same innocent sparkling eyes that always seem to shine with a hint of a smile. Lately, Bubba Strait co-wrote three songs on George Strait’s 38th album, Twang. Bubba also wrote the song Arkansas Dave for the same album. Like father like son, they say.


Musician Jordan McGraw is the son of television personality, Phil McGraw, and his wife, Robin Jo Jameson. Famous worldwide as Dr. Phil, Phil McGraw has two kids Jay and Jordan. Jordan started playing the guitar at the young age of fifteen years. The thirty-three-year-old is also the lead singer of American band Hundred Handed whose debut single Love Me Like The Weekend released in 2015.

Jordan recently in a People magazine interview spoke how his father Dr. Phil’s influence has been strong on him. It seems that Jordan not only shares his father’s dreamy blue eyes but also shares his father’s taste in music that, according to him, shaped his music taste. Jordan revealed that there was always music playing in his house, and he grew up to great music that shaped him as a musician.


American restaurateur Guy Fieri opened up his first restaurant California Pasta Grill in the same year his Hunter was born. 23-year-old Hunter Fieri is now interested in a career in food just like his Emmy Award-winning foodie father. He graduated this year from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where Guy himself once studied.

Hunter is just a slimmer and younger version of Guy with the same piercing black eyes, a laid-back smile, and that energetic laugh that Guy Fieri is loved for. Hunter has been appearing on his father’s show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives quite often and is set to follow Guy’s passion for food. With a few extra pounds on him, Hunter can become the spitting image of Guy Fieri.

Grace Gummer & Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has often been called one of the finest actresses of her generation. Three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep is best known for her roles in The Bridges Of Madison County, Sophie’s Choice, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Julie & Julia etc. Married to Don Gummer, Meryl is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters. Her daughters resemble their mother a lot and have taken to acting like her. Grace is their second born and she is into acting as well. She went to the same college as her mother – Vassar College and debuted as a stage actress. Even later in her career, she acted in the theater as well. We are sure she is banking on her good genes to get a foothold in the industry.

Blue Ivy & Beyonce

With a mother like Beyonce and father like Jay Z, little Blue Ivy is already earning fame, even if her bank accounts aren’t filled with her earnings yet. Of course the little tyke already takes after her parents, though she resembled her mother most when she was younger and these days she’s also revealing features like those of her dad’s. Blue Ivy’s fame is such that Beyonce actually wanted to trademark her name; turns out that didn’t work out. Though we’re hoping Blue Ivy walks on her parent’s footsteps, more so because the little girl apparently loves to sing, and has even given her voice in one of Beyonce’s singles.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

Who doesn’t know Cindy Crawford; a legendary name in the modeling world herself, she’s also the proud mother of Kaia Gerber. Kaia at just 17 is making waves in the modeling industry and even though many have said that’s because of her resemblance to Cindy, we think the young woman is talented in her own way. She has of course made a good investment and with the number of bank accounts she already owns, Kaia surely doesn’t have to worry about hiring a bankruptcy attorney any time soon. At least, we hope not!

Robin Thicke & Alan Thicke

It’s a wonder how genes work; take the case of Alan Thicke, host and actor, best known for his role in “Growing Pains”. Alan Thicke was cruelly taken from us when he succumbed to heart troubles in 2016, but he left behind his legacy (and his gorgeous grey eyes) in his son Robin. Robin Thicke, as most people know, is a popular singer and song producer and he has worked with some of the best-known musicians of today. Hopefully, even if he didn’t inherit his father’s life insurance policy, he surely has accounts with several banks and doesn’t have to worry about hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

Keifer Sutherland & Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland needs no introduction, but for the uninitiated, he played President Snow in The Hunger Games. Of course, this was recent; Donald has been acting since the 60s, and his very talented son Keifer Sutherland, who also happens to resemble his father a lot, has followed his footsteps. Of his many roles, Keifer is known for playing the lead in 24, the TV series. Keifer Sutherland also received rave reviews for his role as the evil Robert Doob in Eye for an Eye. We think neither son nor dad will ever have to worry about bankruptcy, and we hope their bank account keeps filling up forever!

Rainey Qualley & Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell’s talent and beauty have both seem to have been inherited by her daughter, Rainey. Rainey Qualley, however, chose to step away from movies and has been focusing on expanding her musical career. She can take the liberty to do so, of course, not having to worry too much about colleges or jobs, and maintaining her bank account with such successful celeb parents. Having done a bit of acting when she was younger, Rainey, who was raised away from the madness of Hollywood along with her siblings, prefers music over movies any day. She’s presently traveling between cities and recording her solo albums which we know are going to be quite a hit.

Brooklyn Beckham & David Beckham

We sometimes wonder how it feels to be born to celeb parents; the adage ‘born with a silver spoon’ sounds rather tiny when your parents are David and Victoria Beckham; one a football player, the other a pop icon. Brooklyn Beckham sure had his share of good looks and luck from his parents, and the 18-year old went through college programs before deciding to pursue a course in photography from New York. Brooklyn is already a budding photographer and from his portfolio, it seems like he made a good investment, choosing to study photography, though we’re sure everyone expected him to turn to football like his dad.

Enrique Iglesias & Julio Iglesias

With his smoldering looks and sensuous voice, Enrique Iglesias has charmed his way into every woman’s heart since the early 90’s. But let’s not forget that it was probably his father Julio, a famous singer himself, whose talent that rubbed off on young Enrique. Even though we haven’t had a huge number of hits from the Spanish artist for some years, Enrique is back to wooing us with his latest hits. Well we’re glad the singer and musician is back and didn’t have to file for bankruptcy over his inactive years.

Jessica Altman – Lynda Carter

The gorgeous Lynda Carter still conjures up some great memories! While Gal Gadot has done an exceptional job of playing the role of ‘Wonder Woman’ in the remake of the star film, there’s no way anyone from the older generations will forget the stellar performance of Lynda Carter. Carter was the image in many boys’ minds in her time, with her perfect figure and her beautiful yet strong face.

Carter’s daughter Jessica Atman has her mother’s beauty and significant genes. One could say Jessica has a striking resemblance to her mother. The mother-daughter duo is often seen together on the red carpet. However,  it isn’t evident whether Altman wishes to be a film star like her mom or not. We can only guess that she has her mom’s talents, just the way she has her looks.

Lexi Jones – David Bowie

The legendary David Bowie has a stunning and beautiful daughter named Alexandria Zahra Jones or better known as Lexi Jones. David Bowie intentionally decided to keep his family life away from the spotlight after Lexi was born. Lexi was his reason for quitting smoking and drinking to become a better father, and decided to live a normal life for her. David and Lexi had a strong father-daughter bond. So much so that when David passed away in 2016, Lexi was so devastated.

She even got a tattoo dedicated to her dad. Though still in the process of healing, Lexi proved to her dad that she is good at her craft. Though she didn’t follow his father’s footsteps in singing, she is focusing on visual arts. She has completed high school and is ready to enter college in any university she might choose. Seeing her immense talent, and we’re sure her father is so proud looking down on her.

Emily Trebek – Alex Trebek

Alek Trebek is one famous man who has bagged a lot of awards and nominations in newscasting and even in his small-screen appearances. Emily Trebek is his daughter, who is a fixer-up star. Emily, who inherited her father’s passion for fixing and renovation, grew up watching her father being a handyman. She went to college and got her architectural degree at Loyola Marymount University. But after graduating, she chose the path of real estate. Emily and her father Alek once worked on her first fixer-up inaugural.

She has learned a lot from her father since their first fixer-up team-up. Alek had helped her daughter hunt for a house. Luckily Alek is not only useful in newscasting but is also a former real estate manager, so it was a win-win situation for them both.

 Colin Hanks & Tom Hanks

We’re often wondering whether Tom Hanks finds his son Colin to be his mirror image, because we certainly do. While the older Hanks enjoyed a career spanning over five decades, Colin still seems to be a little shaky on his feet. He’s done a couple of films and TV shows, but Colin Hanks hasn’t yet received the kind of success his father did. Of course, no career is easy, be it acting, teaching, banking or dancing. But we hope Colin’s acting career speeds up soon, even though we’re sure with his father’s guidance and support the actor will never have to fear bankruptcy in any way.

Dominik Cristina Garcia-Lorido & Andy Garcia

Dominik Cristina Garcia-Lorida is not just a fine actress, but she’s also the eldest daughter of veteran actor Andy Garcia, making her destined for a celebrity life from a young age. Though she made her Hollywood debut in the 1990s, it wasn’t until The Lost City that Dominik became recognized for her acting chops. Following her success, Dominik chose roles that have been quite lucky for her, especially financially. You might say it was her role in the TV series Magic City that propelled her credit score even higher. With her talent and success, at least this young lady won’t have to borrow from her Dad’s bank account for finance!

Cher and Chaz Bono

Social media is fussing about the exceptional beauty of Eminem’s daughter. The famous rapper’s daughter, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, was always featured in her father’s songs until she finally became a teenager and a social media sensation. Hailey graduated as the top of her class at Chippewa Valley High School then later attended Michigan State University.

Cher came to prominence way back in 1965 when she and her husband formed the folk-rock duo called Sonny & Cher. The pair cranked out I Got You Babe, and the song hit the number one chart and got them 40 million records sold by the end of 1967! In the 70s, Cher was a TV personality, and she remains an icon to this day! Chaz Bono is Sonny and Cher’s son.

Chaz Bono is a musician, writer, and actor. He has developed a reputation of his own, aside from his parents, for his own personal talents. Chaz is currently in his fifties and was part of numerous projects over his career. Chaz appeared in eight episodes of the show called American Horror Story: Cult, taking on the role of ‘Gary K. Longstreet.’ He is the author of the documentary titled Becoming Chaz.

 Cameron Douglas & Michael Douglas

Sometimes being the child of a celeb takes its toll, as is the case of Cameron Douglas. Born to Diandra Morell and Michael Douglas, Cameron seemed to have a promising career in acting until his arrest in 2010. From then on, things seemed to go downhill for Cameron who was caught several times for possession, and eventually spent seven years in prison. Though his father arranged for the best attorney, he decided to let Cameron face trial for his betterment. After his release, Cameron seems to be taking things slow, and while we’re not sure how empty his bank account is, perhaps he still has the chance to earn himself a better future.

Simone Alexandra Johnson & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Simone Alexandra is the eldest child of action star and ex-wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with his ex-wife. The teen has made many red carpet appearances with her dad, but apart from those, Simone has kept quite a low-profile – no doubt finishing her studies, concentrating on college programs and such. In spite of her parent’s divorce, they ensure to spend equal time with Simone. Right now, the young girl hasn’t quite chosen a career field for her, but considering she must have quite the fat bank account, that isn’t very concerning. We do hope she sees immense success, no matter what career she picks!

Katherine Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

Socialite and journalist Maria Shiver is the ex-wife of beloved action star Arnold Schwarzeneggar, though she herself has quite the resume. The couple’s eldest child Katherine, however, chose a completely different career and is a successful writer. Though it must have been tough on Katherine and her siblings when her parents sought a divorce after twenty-five years of union, they seemed to have taken it in their stride. Katherine has a degree in Communications and continues to pursue her passion for writing. It’s apparent that her book sales her going well, and with her own strong banking accounts, we don’t think she has to worry about hiring a bankruptcy attorney at all.

Angelina Jolie & Marcheline Bertrand

Angelina Jolie doesn’t need an introduction, but did you know the actress inherited her acting talent from both her parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Bertrand, an actress and humanitarian worker, made many screen appearances though her career wasn’t as successful as her daughter’s. In spite of that, Bertrand continued to run several charitable foundations and retirement homes throughout her active career span. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2007 after battling ovarian cancer for a long time. Jolie continues to fund her mother’s charities and has made donations for several causes especially for cancers.

Lourdes Leon & Madonna

Madonna’s relationships might have ended in divorce and failures, but she prides herself in being a good mother. While we cannot say how much of that is true, Madonna’s bond with her eldest daughter Lourdes seems to be strong. The duo has been spotted together numerous times and seems to share a love for brazen outfits and hairstyles. Well, when your mother is known for her unique style, it’s not surprising that some of it rubs off on you. Lourdes, now twenty-one, manages her own fashion line and no doubt needs a financial planning advisor to handle her credit score and finances.

Rafferty Law & Jude Law

Jude Law has managed to make the ladies swoon for decades, and now it seems as though his twenty-one-year-old son Rafferty is out to steal hearts. Born to Law and English actress Sadie Frost, Rafferty seemed to have been born with the celebrity gene. No sooner was he able to, the young man established his own band. He is also a budding model and has worked on campaigns with DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, and more, fattening his bank account. And while his career investments seem to be sound, let’s see what the future has in store for young Rafferty.

Zoe Jackson & Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson became a 90s icons with his endless hits and directorial collaborations with Quentin Tarantino. He is known to have acted in more than 100 films, earning him the moniker of one of the most prolific actor. He was married to LaTanya Richardson who also worked in the entertainment industry. It is only natural that their only daughter Zoe Jackson would also become a part of the Hollywood scene. Zoe is known for being the producer of shows like Top Chef, Too Saved, and Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault.

Ella Beau Travolta and John Travolta

Talk about peas-in-a-pod, the uncanny resemblance between John Ritter and his son Jason deserves to be mentioned. John Ritter sure stole our hearts with his numerous roles and performances, especially the sitcoms “8 Simple Rules” and “Three’s Company”. He’s also acted in many movies, and Jason seems to have been fortunate enough to have received much of this talent. One doesn’t need insurance when they inherit such talent do they? Jason Ritter can be noted for his performances in “The Event”, and “Joan of Arcadia”, and we’re hoping he gets to exercise his talent even more in the coming days.

John Travolta is a Hollywood icon who won hearts with numerous performances. As a matter of fact, he has always been into a league of his own and has earned a huge fan following. The Pulp Fiction actor won several accolades in his acting career including an IIFA Award and a Golden Globe. Besides the awards and massive fan base, his successful career also got him enviable wealth.

He has a beautiful daughter – Ella Beau Travolta who shares his good looks. Ella is already been grabbing the limelight and shows that she’s a star in the making. She has started her journey with the 2009 film Old Dogs. Besides that, she was also in the  2019 thriller, The Poison Rose. Her superstar dad has been guiding her and she literally has nothing to worry about. We are confident that Ella will be a successful actor in her own stride.

Emma Roberts & Eric Roberts

Emma started out pretty young with the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous, and it seemed pretty apparent that the young girl was a talented artist. No surprise there; Emma descends from a long line of actors; her father Eric and his sister Julia Roberts both need no introduction. Emma, who resembles her father closely, has already accomplished quite a name for herself in the short amount of time that she’s been acting. No question of bankruptcy there thankfully, for the talented actress has amassed pretty much fat bank accounts, and here’s hoping she continues to do so over the year.

 Allison Williams & Brian Williams

News anchor Brian Williams’ only daughter, Allison chose to act, unlike her father, though both of them seem to have a liking for the silver screen. While Allison is a well-known face in the movie circuit, her father made name and fame while working for the NBC network. Unfortunately, the journalist got suspended for six months after mis-representing facts, but has since then been reinstated. Perhaps, his attorney managed to sort things out with the network. His daughter Allison stood staunchly with her father during the controversy. While we hope things have settled down for the Williams family, the incident hopefully didn’t cost heavily on their bank account or other financial investments.

Sailor Brinkley Cook & Christie Brinkley

Both the Brinkley ladies seem to have been born with dazzling good looks. Clearly, one can see that Sailor, daughter of yesteryear’s famous model Christie Brinkley has inherited her mother’s beauty and charm. While Christie made quite the name back in the day, Sailor too seems to have followed her mother’s footsteps. That seems to be a good investment for the fitness and swimsuit model who’s obviously filling her bank account up quickly. She’s quite active on social media as well, and considering how keen she’s on fitness, Sailor Brinkley Cook is bound to make a dent in the modeling world soon.

Scott Eastwood & Clint Eastwood

Eastwood’s son Scott might not yet have accomplished the paramount fame his father did, but he sure has hit the jackpot in the looks department. We were pretty much gut-punched when we checked out his pics! Scott has acted in some movies, but we don’t think he’s made good investments there. Perhaps he should try some better screenplays, because Scott Eastwood is quite a talented (not to mention smoking hot) young man and we’re certain he has inherited his father’s massive talent as well. Perhaps Scott could also give direction a go; he could be really good at it, one never knows!

Zoë Kravitz & Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz might look sane and normal now, but when he was young, the rock legend was easy identifiable thanks to his eccentric style. With dreadlocks, leather jackets, and psychedelic sunglasses, Lenny made quite the statement, not to mention, loaded his bank account, too. His daughter Zoë with ex-wife Lisa Bonet is now quite the talented actress. She seems to have taken after her mother in the looks department, but we cannot ignore the striking resemblance she shares with her father either. No doubt her acting and modeling career have been good investments and Zoë surely won’t need to worry about finances even after retirement.